NEMA Residences

Located at the corner of 10th and Market Streets adjacent to the San Francisco Civic Center district, this mixed-use complex creates one of the densest developments in the city with 754 units and 13,000 SF of ground-level retail. The project includes three landscaped terraces – on the 3rd, 11th, and 24th floors – which include a fitness center, fire pit and swimming pool, as well as private terraces for units located on these levels.

Adjacent to several tech companies including Twitter, the landscape design takes its inspiration from the simple geometry of straight lines joined by arcs that was used in mid-century minimalist product design and has become familiar again in the design of comtemporary tech products. The design includes artificial turf areas outside the fitness center for outdoor yoga and exercise, as well as planting areas with evergreen, drought-tolerant plantings. The terrace on the 24th floor provides 180 degree views as well as a sunny southern exposure, a welcome contrast to the shady podium courtyard.

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