Mission Bay Commons

Mission Bay is a completely new neighborhood in San Francisco built on former industrial land. Adjacent to the San Francisco Bay and Mission Creek, and with easy access to downtown San Francisco, it has proven to be an ideal location for new residential, institutional and commercial development.

The Mission Bay Commons forms an open space spine that connects the development to the Bay and the adjacent neighborhoods. Within the framework of the Mission Bay Master Plan, developed by the Olin Partnership, CLA designed several of the parks that comprise the Commons, as well the entry to the development beneath the adjacent freeway. The parks include excercise and performance areas, lawns for play and recreation, as well as generous amounts of native and drought-tolerant plantings. The parks provide the neighborhood a direct connection to the Bay with outstanding views and all of the benefits of open space and ample vegetation. Besides serving as the neighborhood’s central open space corridor the Commons is also designed to contain and mitigate storm surges from the adjacent San Francisco Bay.

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