99 Rausch

The 99 Rausch project features two contrasting landscape spaces: a lively rooftop terrace and a serene courtyard garden. The rooftop features panoramic views of the City, several social spaces for both large and small groups, and outdoor cooking and dining.

In contrast to the rooftop terrace, the courtyard garden provides a respite from the surrounding urban context. Since the client was an aficionado of Japanese gardens, we created a modern interpretation of these contemplative spaces. This includes the use of “Tsukiyama”, or artificial mountains, which are interpreted here as a series of mounded planters made from weathering steel and planted with Japanese Maples and other forest plants. Since another essential element in Japanese gardens is water, the courtyard features a waterwall and white decomposed granite paving, which is often used to symbolize water. To provide privacy from the adjacent buildings the garden includes a bamboo screen and an architectural steel and wood fence.

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